Cadence, also known by the names DJ K-Dance or DJ Cadence, is a peach colored penguin who is the "official" DJ of Club Penguin. She wears an item on any part of her body except the face.
Her favorite saying is "It's time to dance!" She is part of the "Famous Penguin Brigade", so to speak, of official famous penguins that are actual penguin players and give out an autographed background, if one is lucky enough to meet her.
All of her clothing items are unavailable to regular penguins. If one has Penguin Storm, however, they can get her clothing, but keep in mind that hacking will get you banned, although it is not illegal in the U.S.A. unless it is a "crack".


  • Her clothing items are as follows: Pink and Purple Dyed Hair, Lime Green Headphones, Peach and Yellow Striped Scarf, Hot Pink Bangles, Boom Box, and Black and White Sneakers.
  • Her first-ever appearance on Club Penguin was in the Newspaper, on a tour of the Night Club.
  • She is the only penguin on the online Club Penguin to have eyelashes; the only other penguin that has eyelashes is Dot from Elite Penguin Force.
  • Her name is very often misspelled by penguins as "Candace", "Cadance", or "Candence".
  • When asked by a penguin, she states that she dyes her hair herself.
  • The word "cadence" means "a balanced, rhythmic flow", which makes sense, because she's a dancer.
  • She is a Level Five Member.


  • She's a good Dancer
  • She's married to Dancing Penguin in slash fiction]


  • When Playing Dance contest, she'll pop up once you get # many dance moves correct, which is annoying and may cause lagging.