There are many penguins who have certain relations to Mwa Mwas (not in the family way, such as mothers or fathers).

  • Butler: A butler is an older penguin who enters the Pet Shop, saying things such as "BBB FOR A BUTLER!" Once "hired" by another penguin of great "wealth", they enter the penguin's igloo and pretend to cook for the Mwa Mwas, tend to the penguin's pets (not puffles), clean the igloo, and ask who it is when someone comes to the door. A variation of this is a Creepy Butler, based off detective stories in mansions, where "the butler did it". They speak in the third person (i.e., American Che does not like to be called "the butler" by her mistress, but must do so anyways), also.
  • Maids: Maids complete the same tasks as the butlers, but are often female and tend to the Mwa Mwas more.
  • Mwa Mwa Abusers: These penguins absolutely ABHOR Mwa Mwas-- to the extent of hurting them "physically". These penguins will stop at nothing to "hurt" the Mwa Mwa (there is no actual pain involved, obviously; it's just a computer screen), by hitting it, picking it up and throwing it, burning it, etc. Occasionally a Mwa Mwa Absuser (also known as a Bay Bee Abuser) will get so carried away they get banned for excessive violence.

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