A ninja is a penguin that has completed the Card-Jitsu course. These people have combated the Sensei and earned their ninja mask. Once a ninja, a penguin can enter the Ninja Hideout, where there is a catalog for members only with special ninja items, such as the Hand Gong. Many non-members are upset that they cannot buy from the catalog.
They were once a rumor of Club Penguin, as there was a feature of Penguin Chat 3 that allowed you to become a ninja. Various mythbusters said it was false until the Halloween Party 2008, where people were seeing shadows in the Dojo that looked a lot like ninjas. It struck one question: Do ninjas exist or not?
Eventually, the existence of ninjas was proven true, because Sensei (back then known to some as ?????? or Pen Chi) started the offical "training" (Card Jitsu) on November 17, 2008.


  • If you are a member ninja and you have the amulet, you get to play another game, Card-Jitsu Fire.


  • There aren't many features for a ninja (The Ninja Hideout is closed)
  • You need to be a member to have the ninja costume


  • It's quite an achievement to have played all those Card-Jitsu games and to have faced Sensei