A Pin or Pins are items that can be collected by both members and non-members. There is a new one every two weeks. It is said pins never are repeated except the ruby pin which appeared twice in which it was found at the Stage for the play Ruby and The Ruby the second time. Some pins require you to do something to earn it.

Likes Edit

  • Some penguins like to start groups to find the pin.
  • They can be collected by members and non-members.

Dislikes Edit

  • Most pins Never come back to Club Penguin once they're over. The only exception is the Ruby Pin.

Neutral Edit

  • People often put Pin Trackers on their sites to tell you where the new pin is. While this will help you, it will also spoil the fun.
  • The first pin ever could be considered the rarest pin!
  • They are hard to find. Depending on if you like a challlange, this is good or bad
  • recently they made pins much larger.