A puffle is a furry creature that inhabits the island of Club Penguin. They are not the dominant species of Club Penguin, making them good pets for the dominant species, penguins. They come in eight different colors: red, blue (both of which non-members and members can buy), green, black, pink, purple, yellow, and white. Non-members can purchase up to two puffles; members can buy sixteen. Puffles send postcards when hungry. This proves very convenient for members, as they often forget to feed their puffles. If penguins neglect their puffles too much, it will send a postcard saying it has returned to the wild.

Types Of PufflesEdit

Blue: Blue Puffles are one of the 2 puffles available to both Members and Non-members. The blue elite puffle is Bouncer.

Red: Red Puffles are the one out of 2 puffles that can be adopted by both members and non-members. They can play Catchin' Waves with you. The red elite puffle is Blast.

Yellow: Yellow puffles are artistic and creative. They love to create sculptures with their food. They can play DJ3K with you. The yellow elite puffle is Chirp.

Black: Black puffles are very silent. If you feed them an O-Berry, they will burst into flame. The black elite puffle is Flare.

Green: Green puffles love to fly with their propeller caps. The green elite puffle is Flit.

Purple: Purple puffles are usally happy and love to dance. They can play Dance Contest with you. The purple elite puffle is Pop.

Pink: Pink puffles are very cheery and active. They can play Aqua Grabber with you. The pink elite puffle is Loop

White: White puffles are one of the newest puffles on the island. They have icy breath. There semi-recently has been a download mission where a white puffle is introduced, but you do not get to use it, nor is it named.

Orange: Orange puffles have recently been popping up in the Box Dimension and in the cuccoo clock in the Ski Lodge. They have been seen having teeth. They play with a wagon and a box.


  • They're cute
  • They're playful


  • They run away, you "waste" your money.
  • when they do, it's possible that you can't have another one of the same name
  • Non members can only adopt 2 while members can adopt 18 (2 of each color)
  • Other players can't see the names of your puffle
  • There are too many rumors
  • The older designs for puffles looked cooler then what they are now.
  • They cost money



  • There are many rumors about different kinds of puffles.
  • During the April Fools Party 2008 for CPIP (CP Improvement Project), Penguins turned into Green Puffles
    Rainbow puffle

    One of the rumored puffles