Sensei Fire Suit
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Sensei's Player card

Sensei is a penguin on Club Penguin. He is also one of the penguins that give out backgrounds when you meet him. He is almost always in the Dojo sitting on a cushion. When you first make your penguin and you go to play Card-Jitsu, you first talk to him and get your starter deck. He had a scavenger hunt for fiery items to help the fire element and with the new volcano. A while later, the volcano would be a room for members that are a Ninja.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a Level 5 member
  • You can see him everyday
  • When you are a black belt, you can fight him if you want to be a ninja
  • When you are able to see him, he gives out backgrounds but it is hard to see him

Likes Edit

  • You can battle Sensei
  • He teaches you Card-Jitsu

Dislikes Edit

  • He doesn't do much when he is on the cushion in the Dojo except pair you up for a match
  • It is very hard to defeat him
  • He calls you "grasshopper".

Neutral Edit

Hes kinda annoying sitting there, but its possible to be a sensei ever since he came --Corai was here : [:-). 05:08, December 27, 2009 (UTC)


he may not be the fire sensei